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  1. Between Lovers
  2. With Love, Loni
Caballero Video

Starting September 2004 Caballero Video will offer up a coordinated one-two punch in the hopes of satisfying a younger, fresher customer they believe is interested in high production values from both yesterday and today.

Sales Manager Dick Lane tells Caballero plans a new release line, to be called Fever. Something classy. We know we want something that will stand out among the other lines that are out there. As conceived at this moment, Fever will debut in October. The company may release up to two products a month, in both gonzo and features.

Caballero also plans introduce a new Classics line in mid-September to package older films previously unreleased on DVD. Lane believes the audience for both the Fever and Classic releases will come from new porn consumers who are seeking higher production values and better film quality overall. "There's a lot of fans that want to see movie production values from the Golden Age, something more elaborate. The public is clamoring for more."

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Between Lovers

Video: Between Lovers

When Maggie Turner (Jesie St. James) is a woman scorned when she comes home a day . . .


19 Ratings

With Love, Loni

Video: With Love, Loni

Check out these provocative and sizzling scenes from the movies that helped expose . . .


11 Ratings

Swedish Erotica Featurettes Volume No. 2

Video: Swedish Erotica Featurettes Volume No. 2

Five hardcore classic vignettes: "Happy Birthday to Me” starring Cheri Taylor, . . .


15 Ratings

Skin Deep

Video: Skin Deep

Jerry Davis is one of the industry’s youngest and up-cumming super-stars. When . . .


8 Ratings

Maximum 4

Video: Maximum 4

Three smoking hot classic scenes all for your personal private pleasure! The Peeping . . .


12 Ratings

Ultra Head

Video: Ultra Head

From the moment Lena sets her eyes on the bulge in Rick’s pants, she yearns to . . .


14 Ratings

Swedish Erotica Volume 26

Video: Swedish Erotica Volume 26

Congratulations and welcome to the fantastic world of videotaped home adult entertainment.

. . .


11 Ratings

Pornomania Vol. 3

Video: Pornomania Vol. 3

Pornomania Volume 3 is the ultimate sex variety show! Vintage! Interracial! FFM! . . .


17 Ratings

The Whore

Video: The Whore

Earthy and sensual, a spitfire named Gina flees to the United States when a Mafia . . .


9 Ratings

Young Girls In Tight Jeans And Deep Trouble

Video: Young Girls In Tight Jeans And Deep Trouble

Have you ever had the fantasy of designing your own X-Rated movie? Well, a veteran . . .


53 Ratings
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